Pediatric tips for going outside with children, Dr Marta García

Pediatric tips for going outside with children

After just over 6 weeks of confinement due to the covid-19 pandemic, the little ones can now go outside for a walk in the fresh air, which will contribute to improving the physical and emotional state of children.

However, and although the government defines the distance, time and accompaniment allowed, these outings are also raising many questions for parents.

To resolve many of these doubts, Dr. Marta García, a pediatrician at Vithas Xanit Internacional and Vithas Málaga hospitals, gives us below some tips and recommendations for these outings:

Is it necessary for children to wear gloves and masks?

In principle it would not be necessary, but we must avoid at all times that the minor comes into contact with any person other than the companion. In this way the risk of contagion is minimal, very low.

Who should accompany the minor?

The companion must be someone who lives daily with the minor in the habitual residence, with whom therefore already shares the same risk of contagion. It is NOT recommended that grandparents walk children.

What hygiene measures are necessary?

Hand hygiene is essential, washing hands both before leaving and when returning home. To do this, we will first use soap and water, after which we will dry and then use disinfectant gel. It is advisable to carry the disinfectant gel during the walk, in case the child gets to touch something during the journey, such as walls, litter bins or any other object on the street (being better if we can prevent this when possible).

What clothes should children wear during the outing?

In case the temperature allows it, it is recommended that they keep their arms and legs exposed, to take better advantage of the benefits of the sun and the absorption of vitamin D. When getting home, they should take off their shoes and change their clothes, not forgetting washing hands, and also wash the forearms if they were uncovered. Although a full shower is not necessary.

Other recommendations during outings with children

  • Although the walk should be close to home, in those cases where possible it is better in green and wide areas, so that the children can better enjoy the walk outdoors.
  • Ideally, children should be holding hands and supervised at all times.
  • Children under the age of two are better to ride in a stroller at least part of the way, to control them better, since children of those ages have great impulsiveness.
  • It is important that older children understand the circumstances and that it will not be a normal walk, explaining them the rules that they must follow while the pandemic lasts, such as keeping distance from other people, and that if they meet a friend they should greet them from distance and not approaching them, etc.

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