The most common injuries and diseases of the foot

The most common injuries and diseases of the foot

Although we probably don’t consider it very often, our feet are a fundamental part of our body that we use continuously, so that any problem we suffer in them can significantly hinder and condition our daily life, causing great discomfort.

That is why it is really important for our health and well-being to take care of our feet. There are a wide variety of injuries and pathologies that can affect them. Here are some of the most frequent and their symptoms:

Corns and calluses

Calluses and corns are one of the most frequent foot problems. They consist of hardening of the skin of the feet, which becomes drier and thicker, taking a more yellowish color. They usually appear in various areas of the soles of the feet, toes and heels.

Its cause is an excess of friction or rubbing, which is usually due to the use of inappropriate footwear, poor support or tread, poor postures when walking or running, etc… although it may also be due to bone deviations in the feet.


Bunions, or hallux valgus as they are known more technically, consist of a deviation of the big toe joint of the foot, so that this deformation is perceived as an abnormal protrusion outward in said joint, widening the foot, at the same time that the big toe is pushed over the rest of the toes.

This deformity gradually occurs, deviating more and more over time, and is considered lighter or more severe depending on the degree of deviation.

Its symptoms are inflammation and irritation in the area of the deformed joint, causing pain, which worsens the greater the deviation. The causes are varied, including genetic or hormonal factors, biomechanical pathologies related to the way of walking, wearing inappropriate shoes, other pathologies such as flat feet, etc…

In the most severe cases in which non-surgical treatments or therapies cannot treat the problem, surgery is used to correct the deformity.

Plantar Bromhidrosis

Bromhidrosis consists of the bad smell of feet when it appears despite having good hygiene. In these cases, it is an excess of sweating that causes the proliferation of bacteria what cause the bad smell.

In these cases, you have to go to the specialist to determine the best treatment to minimize the problem.

Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot or tinea pedis consists of a fungal infection, whose symptoms are redness, itching, burning sensation, peeling and cracking of the skin of the feet, especially on the soles and between the toes.

This type of infection is very contagious and can spread to other areas such as nails, hands or groin, so it is recommended to go to the specialist as soon as possible when we detect any of its symptoms, in order to treat and stop the infection as soon as possible.


It is another fungal infection (caused by fungi) but in this case it affects the toenails, causing them to change color and shape, giving them an unpleasant appearance.

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis consists of inflammation of the plantar fascia, a band of elastic tissue that extends from the anterior part of the heel to the area in front of the toes, which is responsible for maintaining the plantar arch, as well as absorbing and returning the energy of the impact of the foot against the ground when walking or running, among other functions.

It is a very common injury among athletes, especially runners or basketball players, because they make long races on a hard and uniform surface, together with a bad footprint. It is very common in young patients and athletes, while in those who do not practice sport usually appears from 45 years onwards.

The characteristic symptom of this type of injury is pain in the internal part of the heel, accompanied by mild swelling, redness and tenderness. In the case of athletes, pain usually appears only in the morning and after practicing sports.

The cause is usually in a bad footprint when running, although it may also be due to other reasons: cavus foot, muscle weakness, poor shoe grip, etc…

In case of symptoms, go to a specialist

In case of perceiving symptoms of any pathology or injury to the feet, it is always best to go to the specialist as soon as possible to properly diagnose the problem and prescribe the most appropriate treatment to follow, do not wait until the symptoms get worse, since it would usually complicate the treatment and its results.

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